Thursday, February 25, 2010

Raw Food Lifestyle Series - Day 4

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday. Commonly known as "hump day". Do you know how Wednesday got it's name? It comes from Middle English, which is from Old English, meaning the day of the English god Woden. Some people believe he was the precursor to the modern day Santa Clause. He was also believed to be a psychopomp, a person who escorts the newly deceased to the afterlife.

Interesting stuff huh?

Well my Wednesday wasn't quite like carrying people to the afterlife. Then again I was nonstop, running errands, never really being at one place for more than an hour.

Wednesday morning we woke up to our routine. I packed the zoom burgers and condiements to go along with a side dish of caesar salad and leftover v-day cake. Lots of food was packed incase Kelli had to work late. Our green smoothie was much like the one from Tuesday. Yummy!

I left for boxing class shortly after 9am. Class started at 10. Only 5 of us there so it was pretty intense. We did 120 pushups, 100 crunches, lots of combination work and lots of cardio.  Our combination was quite short this go around.  It was: right cut, left hook, right uppercut, left hook, right punch, roll left, left hook to the body, left hook to the head, roll right, right uppercut, left hook, right uppercut, left hook, right uppercut, left hook, right punch. See, not too bad eh?

Needless to say, my arms are pretty sore.

After boxing I went to Erewhon market. It's a pretty large health food store in West Hollywood/Los Angeles.  We get a 10% discount with our KCRW membership card :).  I picked up Flax Oil (WHY DO WE GET TAXED ON FLAX OIL??????!!!!), raw og agave nectar, coconuts and og mustard.  After the store I headed out to Pep Boys to get an oil filter for Kelli's car.  From there I went to the mechanic who replaced her caliper because the caliper pin was coming loose and you can hear the assembly rattling when going over a bumpy road. Not cool! It was lunch time so none of his guys were there.

I finally got home around 12:45pm and stuffed my face! I ate an apple, zoom burger, chips and nut clusters.

I did a few things on the computer, showered up and headed out to the mechanic again.  They looked at it and realized they forgot to put a bolt on!!!!!! Hence, for you that know me well, I don't like taking my car to the mechanic. On my car, I've done all the work myself except when I had to replace the axels and bearings. Other than that, knock on wood, 148,000 miles later, she purrs like a kitten! Though I will have to probably take it in to replace the serpentine belt. Ok, I'm getting off track here. After the mechanic, I stopped by Autozone to pick up an oil filter wrench for Kelli's car.

By the time I got home, it was about 4pm. Woah! Where did the day go?! We had received our CSA farm produce so I was pretty excited to eat it all!!!! And I almost succeeded.  I made a massive salad that contained a whole leek, 3/4 head of cauliflower, 3 or so collard greens, 5 or so green chard and 1/2 yellow onion.  I made a random sauce to go with it. I was craving something creamy so I opened my cupboard and just picked a few ingredients. It turned out wonderful!!!! The sauce was made from Brazil nuts, lemon juice, flax oil, olive oil, salt, white pepper, garlic powder, black pepper, nutritional yeast, tamari, mustard powder, cinnamon, nutmeg and water. Don't ask for the recipe cause I have no clue!!!! I just went by taste.  It was thick and creamy and yummy! I poured it over the salad and couldn't stop eating!!!! Kelli got home as I was still eating from the mixing bowl. She grabbed the bowl, took a bite, took another and another and before you knew it, we were both sitting on the couch like WOAH!

We had to get our stuffed bellies off the couch and on the road. We had a hot date with the paper source company in Pasadena.  We picked out recycled envelopes for our Save the Date magnets :).  On the way home we stopped at Whole Foods to get Dulse flakes, nutritional yeast and almond butter. All of which ran out this week. OOPS! Poor planning on my part! Would have saved me a trip.

Got home, went straight to bed! We were exhausted.

Busy day, yes, but still had time to prepare a morning smoothie, lunch and dinner. Lunch was easy because the zoom burger patty was already made. I just put it between two collard greens, added sliced tomato, onion and premade condiments, yum yum! The salad was quick to make too. About a half hour from start to cleanup.  I just quickly cut the veggies and greens up and tossed them in a bowl. If I had dressing already prepared, it would have been even faster.

Hope you all enjoyed your hump day!

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