Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Raw Food Lifestyle Series - Day 3

Hello friends!

Wednesday was an interesting day. I had a late start to the morning. Well, I guess it's relative.

We woke up to our standard routine.  Kelli mentioned how her throat was a little soar, like she was going to get sick so I had to adjust the morning smoothie slightly :). I have a great book called "Juicing for Health A-Z". I highly recommend it. The one time I got sick, in the past 4 years, I drank a concotion and 2 days later, all better while everyone at work were still sneezing and coughing. Anyways, yesterday the smoothie contained oranges, kale, apples, raw honey, lots of ginger, kiwi, ice cubes and water.  Yum!!!!!!

Kelli went off to work and I got busy with wedding plans.  We're in process of figuring out what we want said during the ceremony so we've been looking over sample ceremonies that our officiant emailed us.  That lasted a couple hours.

I went off on what was supposed to be an 8 mile run. It turned out to be about 8.84 miles. I use to get the mileage. Initially I planned on running in a big urban rectangle but I always get caught up at street lights. In an effort to run nonstop, I opted to run around the park up the street from our apt. It's about a half mile away. One loop around the park is about 1.54 miles.  There is a nice dirt pathway that goes around so I took advantage. I felt strong the whole time. Breathing was excellent and stride was good. My left thigh hurt a little bit from our run on Sunday but it wasn't going to slow me down. Neither was the nasty blister I have on my right heel from wearing low cut socks on my run last Friday. I padded it by folding an extra sock in half and putting it between my shoe and my heel. Worked great! Didn't even know it was there....until I got home and noticed blood on my folded sock lol. I was a little disappointed with my average pace because I felt like I was going faster. Unfortunately, numbers don't lie. I averaged 7:52 a mile. It felt more like 7:35 or so...but it's all good. I'll take that mileage at that pace right now. Only a little less than 4 weeks left to the L.A. Marathon in which I hope to average less than 8:30 a mile.

I got home, showered up and was just walking around the living room in circles. I didn't clean up the kitchen in the morning so it was still a mess. We ran out of water and I was super thirsty. I ate apples, almond bread, and nut clusters. We have a 5 gallon water jug dispenser at home. I headed out and filled up the jug, came back and got to work. I cleaned the kitchen spotless to give me room to work later on.  I was right on time for ate a Coconut Curry Wrap filled with Falafel and Mango Chutney. The wrap turned out to be more like a crepe but nontheless, it was de-lish!

By the time I realized, it was 1pm and barely got anything done. I figured I had a few hours to kill before Kelli got home so I debated on what to make. Every recipe I wanted to make required lemons. I had 0. I swear, lemons, zucchini and almonds are a raw food staple! I jumped in the car, ran a couple errands then bought og lemons, og zucchini, og chips and a bottle of savignon blanc. We're not much of white wine drinkers but Kelli really wants to find a good bottle so her teeth won't stain during the wedding LOL. She's crazy. I love it! The bottle was from a Sonoma County winery so that's a bonus (we're getting married in Sonoma).

When I got home Kelli told me she was going to stay late at work. I took advantage of that time to make lots of little things. I made zoom burgers, creamy horseradish dressing, ketchup, cashew mayo and pineapple salsa in a pineapple boat. *phew* took about 5 hours to make and clean up. I really didn't plan on making all that stuff but after each recipe I noticed I stilll had time to make more before she got home.

As soon as she arrived, I poured us a much needed glass of vino. Not too shabby! FYI...white wines really don't go well with salsa hehe. Red wines sure do though!!!!!! Our dinner consisted of pineapple salsa with chips. We were pretty full. We snacked on extra falafels but that was about it. Oh, I also ate an apple. I was going to make caesar salad but we were too stuffed.

We watched the movie Couples Retreat at night. Funny movie. I love Vince Vaughn. I have a feeling him and I were meant to be friends lol. After that movie we laid on the couch and continued to watch a movie that we left off at the night prior. It's called Serious Man or something. We just weren't into it and fell asleep, yet again. This was about quarter till 9. We're early birds!!!!! I was pretty out of it so again forgot my time saving tip for the morning! Thursday's lunch will be Zoom Burgers wrapped in kale, topped with red onion, heirloom tomato, ketchup and cashew mayo. A caesar salad with herbed croutons will be on the side.

That was our very uneventful Tuesday night.

Today's lesson: I was able to take advantage of down time to make lots of little things, ketchup, mayo, dressing and salsa.  These items will keep for a few days in the fridge so they'll last a couple of meals. I made extra burgers so we can have them for dinner on Thursday as well.

Blessings to all!

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