Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get Moving!

I didn't write too much about my last race because quite frankly I was a little embarassed. Let's face it, for me, it was a dismal performance. Since then I had only ran once until today! This is coming from a kid who ran 4-5 days a week. Twice in 2 weeks = not cool.

In the last few days my body has felt like it needed something. Perhaps a kick in the....well, this is a kids program. Today my buddy Dave and I pulled out a 7 miler at a 8:16 pace. It was a hard effort. From a scale 1-10, during the first half of the run, I'd put it at a 9.5. It was not pretty. I was relieved to reach the 3.5 mile turnaround.

When did running get so hard? It wasn't nearly this hard just a few months ago. I ran a 1:37 half marathon in mid October. Does one really fall of the wagon that quickly? YES! Maybe it was the 14 mile bike ride two days ago?...nah. No excuses. Running right now is not fun because I've stopped doing it consistently in the last few months.

That's with anything in life. When you have momentum, keep going. Don't stop. It starts with a simple excuse....I don't feel good today, I'll run tomorrow....Ah, I'm tired, I'll go later...I don't feel like it right now. NO! STOP! Put an end to excuses! The buck stops here! With running, it stops with me! No more skipping out on runs, no excuses, even if it's a few miles. It's better than nothing. No more skipping out on boxing (yes I box, but Kelli is much better at it than I am!). 3-4 days a week of 45 minutes of pure insanity is all it takes for boxing. No excuses!

If you're chasing your dream, you know what you need to do. Don't put it off. It's easy to not do anything. It's easy to quit. That's why most peolpe do. Write Make yourself accountable to someone.

Well, this post is making me accountable for running. I will run when I have to. No excuses! Race times will reveal the truth...

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