Thursday, February 4, 2010

Green Smoothies Make Us Happy

Yesterday afternoon Kelli and I were a little sluggish and cranky. We attributed it to not having our daily "Green Smoothie". We were running late for work and didn't have time to make it. Oops!

Since coming back from Living Light, we've made smoothies that consisted of 2 navel oranges, handful of greens (whatever we have - typically Romaine or Kale) and a banana. Topped off with a little water and ice....voila!

Why would this simple drink make us happy? Well I plugged in the ingredients on and got the nutritional facts. I was a little surprised by the numbers, but why should I have been? We blended lots of whole goodness and making it easily digestible!

Here are the numbers for each glass:

145 Calories
1g Fat
36g Carbs
8g Fiber
21g Sugar
4g Protein
252% Vitamin A
202% Vitamin C
11% Calcium
9% Iron
180% Vitamin K
62% Folate

In addition to that, we have at least 1 heaping Tablespoon of HealthForce Nutritional Vitamineral Green which has:

150% Daily Vitamin B12
50% Daily Calcium
50% Daily Iron
1.6 billion Probiotic Cells
0.8 grams of fat
4g Protien
6g Carbs

So yea....that's why Green Smoothies make us happy and that's why you too should incorporate a tasty green smoothie to your diet! Even if you don't eat any raw veggies or fruits throughout the week, at least do this one thing every day and you'll notice a difference! :)

We had this smoothie today and we're happy and energetic!

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  1. That's great info!! Remember Dan said oranges and banana's are bad food combining! haha j/k
    Hey i have a health question: My boss has a humming kind of ringing(but she says not ringing) in her head thats been happening for the last 8 days, they want to put her on steroids but she wont take them, have you come across any info on that? xo